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Transformations & Reviews

We love our clients, here are a few of their words about us! Be sure to scroll all the way down for a sample of some of our full body transformations. This is #howweevolve

"Without question the daily experience of working out with Shaun and Judith has changed my life. As a long-time runner (25 years!) I didn't realize the importance of strength training. But when middle age took over my body and wouldn't let go I found my way to Evolve. I'm having such a great time, loving my daily routine, and cherishing the direction and advice I receive every day. And I'm now leaner and meaner and feeling wonderful. The Evolve lifestyle is now mine." --Belinda Large

"The staff here at Evolve Fitness is unlike any other. Let me give you a little background about myself. I am a 29 year old former college soccer player with a degree in Health and Wellness from Texas State University. I work in the oil and gas field and I found myself at a weight that I was not comfortable with. I have been with Evolve now for a month and I have lost 4% body fat, increased my endurance as well as strength. They have a strong policy about showing up everyday and giving all you got when you get there. The members are as friendly as they come but don't think about trying to interrupt the workouts with "chit chat". Judith Manela Flores is a great trainer that does not put up with ANY laziness. If you don't register for your workout one day without notice she will be on the phone asking where you are. There workouts are planned out accordingly each day but at the same time they do adjust intensity per each client. I can say so much more about this place but I don't want to take up the whole page. If you want results small or big get in touch with Evolve Fitness. They will be able to get you there but how long depends on you." --Larry Parr

"I’ve been a client at Evolve for almost 4 years now and my main purpose was to improve my endurance, tone and yes loose a few pounds…of which I achieved. However, all along I was encouraged to increase from 3x/week to 5x/week. I would say OK but never follow through. (Couldn't fit in the time {wink, wink}) So in Feb of this year I decided OK. Within a few weeks, my family and friends would greet me with a “Wow”. I too had noticed a transformation in the way my clothes fit and the mirror was now smiling back at me….think those are called abs. Anyway, it’s not just Judith & Shaun who are professional superstars who genuinely CARE, it’s also the clientele that is like a family who help each other as well. I’ve never been in an environment like this before, but can’t imagine my life without this place or all of the people associated." --Suzanne B.

Alberto Pagarizabal

12.30.09 10.25.10 Total
Scale Weight (lbs) 344 205 -139
Body Fat % 45.00% 7.90% -37.1%
Fat Mass (lbs) 156.21 21.41 -134.8
Fat Free Mass
(Muscle Tone)
187.81 195 7 lbs Gain

Staci Burns

6.11.09 10.15.09 Total
Scale Weight (lbs) 184 145 -39
Body Fat % 38.40% 22.00% -16.4%
Fat Mass (lbs) 70.61 33.21 -37.4

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have pretty much tried all of the weight loss programs and have lost weight initially but eventually gained back the weight I lost and just gave up. In May of 2009, I hit my all time high weight of 189 and I was miserable. I felt tired all the time and couldn't get enough sleep. I didn't have any motivation and really spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV. My blood work did not look good. I was in the diabetic range, I had high cholesterol, and I had a chronic heartburn problem that I was taking prescription meds to control. My 20 year high school reunion was in less than 90 days away and I wasn't planning on attending. I decided that I needed to really work with a team of experts to help me develop a plan that would work for me. I called Weight Control by Shaun Eckhardt and set up an appointment to meet with Shaun. He completed an assessment and discussed my goals with me. I was to work out 5 days a week with a combination of cardio and weights and follow a specific food plan. I knew that I needed to do this not only to lose weight but for my health and to live a better quality life. I signed up for one of the longer term plans and I committed to the process and the food plan. I was able to attend my reunion and feel great about it. As of today, I have lost over 40 pounds and besides the scale, my blood work shows proven results. I'm not anywhere near the diabetic range, my cholesterol is normal and my heartburn problem is non-existent. I have amazing results and have incorporated everything I have learned into my daily lifestyle. Each day I look forward to working out and eating right. I feel like I did in my twenties and I am now setting fitness goals for myself. When I started with Shaun I couldn't even run a mile without stopping. As of today, I have climbed Camelback Mountain in Phoenix and just ran the Houston half marathon. My energy level has increased substantially and I am much happier. Thank you Shaun and the Houston Fitness Experts! The advice I have to give to anyone looking to improve their quality of life is to commit to everything that Shaun and the Houston Fitness Experts tell you to do. Do not divert and after a short time you will be amazed at the results you will achieve. -Staci Burns

Bill Homes

5.16.09 9.14.09 Total
Scale Weight (lbs) 223 198 -25
Body Fat % 27.90% 12.40% -15.5%
Fat Mass (lbs) 62.41 24 -38.41
Fat Free Mass
(Muscle Tone)
161.21 174 13 lbs Gain

Andrea Grover

5.10.10 8.17.10 Total
Scale Weight (lbs) 140.21 122.61 -17.6
Body Fat % 31.80% 15.80% -16%
Fat Mass (lbs) 44 19 -25
Fat Free Mass
(Muscle Tone)
95 103 8 lbs Gain

A friend had joined Shaun's gym and suggested it to me. Prior to meeting with Shaun the 1st time, I wrote him an email about where I was in life and what I wanted to change.

If you could read that email, you would die laughing...I was THAT couch potato. I was unmotivated, eating unhealthy things, not exercising, and adding the extra pounds on. I used to be an athlete, but now had no muscle tone, no endurance to do anything aerobic, and no direction to fix it. To add insult to injury, I was embarrassed of where I was (aka going to the usual gym of fitness buffs wasn't my idea of fun).

Shaun and his team are THE BEST. From the 1st day, I have felt at home and truly consider the trainers and my fellow workout buddies "my family." When I am travelling I actually MISS them and the workouts. There are all walks of life and levels of fitness at the gym, and everyone is very encouraging...NEVER intimidating.

You can tell the trainers really love what they do and are good at it. I can go to the gym and turn my brain off for 30 minutes and let them whip me into shape. I don't need to know the weight to work with or exercise that comes next...they keep things moving and I always feel great (tired!) but great afterward.

I have seen all of my fellow workout buddies shed fat pounds and add muscle. Whats best is that in doing so we feel great, have more energy, and even sleep better.

The nutritional guidance is great I eat bread still? Yes. Do I drink a glass of wine still? Yes. Do I drink lattes? Yes. Do I eat a filet mignon? Yes (OK, sometimes). Bottom line, Shaun really does give you the guidance to build a very livable lifestyle. And if you throw caution to the wind - like I did over the holidays - you know how to get back on track. I would 110% recommend Shaun Eckhardt and his team to won't regret it! - Andrea Glover
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